Hertfordshire | County Track & Field Championships


PLEASE NOTE - Important changes in some weights for thowing impliments and some hurdle changes for 2014 season. (both League and County Championships)

Javelin - U17 & U15 Girls - now use 500gm Javelin (previously 600gm)

Shot - U17 & U15 Girls - now use 3Kg Shot (previously 3.25Kg)

Hammer - U17 Girls - now use 3Kg Hammer (previously 4Kg)

Hurdles (League) - U14 Boys (Yr 8 boys) - now 80m & U16 (Year 10) Boys - now 100m

Please click on the documents below for the timetable and entries of the Track and Field Championships


2016 Hertfordshire Track and Field Championships - Saturday 11th June at Jarman Park

Important Championship Information

The last day of entry to the Championships is TUESDAY 18th MAY. After this date, only entries from athletes with proof of reaching ESAA Entry Standard will be accepted

NB In entering a student into the Hertfordshire Schools Athletics Championships, it is understood that should any student be selected to represent Hertfordshire at the National Athletics Championships from your school, your school will be required to provide a Team Manager (DBS approved) to accompany the Hertfordshire team to the National Championships.

Entry Forms

Details (Letter) of the Championship (including Entry Forms) - Link

Primary 600m Entry form - Link

Staffing for the Championships Final Programme
All staff officials need to report to the Match Referee at 9.00 and 12.30 to be allocated their job

School Numbers

General Programme & timetable of Events

At Jarman Park, Hemel Hempstead HP2 4JS

Final Entries (as of 5th June)

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Staffing (Officiating) by Schools
NB Odd school numbers help in the morning and even numbered schools help in the afternoon


School League Numbers are used for the Championships

Important Notice to all competitors

Official numbers - please photocopy your schools numbers that have been sent to the school - they will not be available on the day. Each competitor will need to wear two numbers - one on the front and one one the back (except High Jump and Pole Vault). Where there is more than one athlete from the same school in an event - the second athlete has a "1" in front of their number.
Only the official sponsors numbers can be worn on the day - failure to wear these numbers will result in disqualification.
Please make sure that you have EIGHT safety pins with you on the day.

County Championsip Best Performances (see "Details Letter" above)
(as performed at the Hertfordshire County Championships)

We are urgently looking for qualified Hertfordshire teachers to act as Team Managers for the National Championships in July - Can you help? 

If you can help - please contact Ian Graham at Townsend School 01727 853047 - thank you


2016 Indoor Athletics Entry Form

Entry Form


Indoor Athletics Results (2016)

Junior Girls

Junior Boys

Inter Girls

Inter boys