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Risk Assessment

It is the responsibility of all schools in Hertfordshire to carry out and complete their own Risk Assessments for all meetings and activities.

This includes all Cross Country and Athletics, matches and competitions. It also includes judging individual athletics events at inter School matches, League matches, District Championships and County Championships.

All Physical Education Departments should have an individual “Risk Assessment” to cover all of these activities, and all teachers that help, should be fully aware of the assessments.


All Hertfordshire employed teachers and UKA officials, are only covered by insurance (both personal injury and public liability) if the HOST school is signed up to the “Hertfordshire Travel Scheme Insurance”. (Plan B)

Many Hertfordshire schools are not members of this “Scheme” – you should urgently check to see if your school is part of it.

If you are not part of the “Scheme” you will need your school to take out similar insurance so that the UKA officials are covered. It is unfair to expect the UKA officials to support us when they are not covered by insurance.