Hertfordshire Championships

2022 Hertfordshire Schools Cross Country Championships

Saturday 5th February - Westminster Lodge

Please be aware that we cannot use the Westminster Lodge carparks on the day of the Championships. There are local carparks available on the nearby industrial/commercial estates but this will involve a short 10 minute walk, so please allow yourselves plenty of time.

Some added points below:


  • The primary schools entries have nothing to do with the senior school entries. The links and info is about the senior school races only. Primary schools have been contacted by post.

  • Different from previous years below there are links to individual entry forms for each age group race. This is to cut down on administration time and should not take much longer for you as staff but will save many hours for us to run the event.

  • Each student needs to be entered individually so that numbers can be assigned by the system. If you wish your entry to be emailed to you for your records please click that option, as we will not be able to email each school back if you are unsure.

  • You do not need to email us to let us know if a student CAN NOT run after you have entered them.

  • Parents CAN NOT make entries for their own children
    , it must be done through the school.
  • If you are reading this and you are a parent, please contact your school and ask them first. If you get no reply up to a week prior to the race then contact Stephen Murphy.

  • On race day Numbers will only be given to the member of staff and not individual athletes parents. A member of staff must be present on the day. In the event that staff member is not there in time all numbers will be given to the first parent that comes or the first athlete that needs them to take part in the race. At that point, numbers and entries are no longer my responsibility and I will deem them as having been collected.

  • Please if possible arrange a meeting place and time for your athletes or a garment of clothing they can spot you by.

  • There are no pins on race day available from the organisers – however my son, an entrepreneurial 8yr old will be selling them at extortionate prices to fund his Lego addiction from a small table. He only takes cash presently but may be able to take cards by then!

  • If you make an incorrect entry, do not panic, fix it by making the right entry. Only athletes that run show up in the results.

  • I will aim to update the entry lists on the website as the weeks go on.
  • All spelling mistakes that affect students names WILL NOT be amended by me. I will not be in dialogue with the powerof10 to amend results so please take care and make sure you have spelt all names correctly.

  • Entries are initial.surname only please for data/safeguarding reasons

  • The only thing that can cancel the event is if the council say the park is unsafe (ice affecting parking etc), the NGB say it can not run due to covid, or snow covering the ground making it unsafe to see what is below it. We will endeavour where possible to always make sure the event runs.

  • The course is put up by me and my trusted wheelbarrow at 6am in the morning. If you are present at the last race and fancy grabbing the nearest piece of the course and bringing into the middle that would be awesome. The record for course breakdown was 25mins after the national cup! There is no marshalling on the course, however, due to covid and the age/retirement of UK officials we are struggling for some of the larger races so if you can help out on the funnel for the younger races for a race or two that is massively appreciated.

I will send out further updates as the weeks go on if needed, or attend to common issues if needed.

Primary Schools Entries - Saturday 5th February 2022 (0940 - 1055) TBC

Primary School Information Letter - (December 2021)

Primary School Entry Letter (page 1) - (January 2022)

Primary Schools Entry Form (page 2) - January 2022)

Secondary Schools Entries for Championships on Saturday 5th February 2022 (1100 - 1345)

Please complete Entries on the individual "Age Group" pages below

Entries close on the 28th January

Senior boys (years 12 & 13)


Senior girls (years 12 & 13)


Inter Boys (years 10 & 11)


Inter Girls (years 10 & 11)


Junior Boys (years 8 & 9)


Junior  Girls (years 8 & 9)


Pre-Junior Boys (year 7)


Pre-Junior Girls (year 7)



FINAL Cross Country Programme & Instructions - (Not yet available)

NEW 2022 Cross Counrty Courses, Start Times - (February 2022)

(NB The 2023 ENTRY FORMS link is NOT yet available)

Secondary School Completed Entries - (Not yet available)

2022 Secondary School Entries close on the 28th January. Any issues regarding entries to be discussed with Stephen Murphy at murphy.s@stcolumbascollege.org - (Not details available yet)

Results (2022)

Secondary Boys and Girls - (Not yet available)

Primary Year 5 Boys - (Not yet available)
Primary Year 6 Boys - (Not yet available)

Primary Year 5 Girls - (Not yet available)
Primary Year 6 Girls - (Not yet available)

Years 5 , 6 & 7 National Cross Country Results - Prestwold Hall - March 2022 - TBC


Past Results


Secondary Boys and Girls
Primary Boys
Primary Girls


Secondary Boys and Girls
Primary Boys
Primary Girls


Secondary Boys and Girls
Primary Boys
Primary Girls


Secondary Boys and Girls
Primary Boys
Primary Girls


Secondary Boys and Girls
Primary Boys
Primary Girls


Secondary Boys and Girls
Primary Boys
Primary Girls


Secondary Boys and Girls
Primary Boys
Primary Girls


Sadly the 2021 County Championships were cancelled due to the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic


Due to the Local Councils concerns over Health and Safety and the worries about parking due to ice and the impact on the ground due to the races, the Council have requested that:



Unfortunately the 2014 Hertfordshire Athletics Championships were cancelled by the local District Council due to the ground being unsafe to run on.