All members of the Committee are voted into position at the "Annual General Meeting", which is held at Townsend Church of England School at 1630hrs on the second or third Wednesday in November each year.

Hon. President Mr. Stuart Storey
Hon. Vice Presidents

Mrs V. Heath
Miss S. Henderson
Mr. K. Chilvers
Miss S. Thompson
Mr. B. Winter
Mr S. Lowe
Mr P. Lee
Mr I Roberts
Mr. P. Brace
Mr. Gwyneth
Miss I. Peaty
Mr. J. Rich
Mr. D. Burgoyne
Mr. I. Graham
Mrs D. Keenleyside
Mrs A. Tizzard
Mr. D. G. Pugh

Hon. Chairman Mr. David G. Pugh Townsend C of E School
Hon. Secretary Mr. Ian Graham Townsend C of E School
Hon. Officials Secretary Mr. P. Lee HCAAA UKA
Hon. Track & Field Secretary Ms S. Henderson Knights Templar School
Hon. League Secretary & Areas A & B Mrs D. Keenleyside  
Hon. Cross Country Secretary Mr S Murphy
Mr N Gamester
St Columbas
DA Owens
League Co-ordinator Area A Mr S. Lowe Haberdashers School
Hon. Combined Events Secretary Ms Liz Spendiff The Royal Masonic School for Girls
Hon. Primary Liaison Officer Mr. D. Burgoyne
Hon. Track & Field Cup Mr. S. Lowe Haberdashers School
Hon. Treasurer Mr D. Jones Bridgewater School
Hon. Auditor Ms K. Brooks Townsend C of E School
Ex Officio Officers Mr. D. Whitehead St Albans Boys School
  Mr. G. Mullings Hemel School
  Mr. C. Bajak Hitchin School
  Ms J. C Prendergast Haberdasher Girls School
Ms L. Smith Fearnhill School
  Mrs R. Redding St Clement Danes School
  Mr. T. Saunders Richard Hale School
  Mr. B. Walters Richard Hale School
  Miss E. Bevan Hemel Hempstead School
  Mr D. Choosey Cheshunt School
  Mr S. Smith Knights Templar School
  Mr R. Williams Hailabury School
  Mrs K. Bridge St Columbas
  Mr A. Cracknell Sandringham School
  Ms A. Williams Haberdashers School
  Mr G. Harrison St Albans Boys School
  Ms C. Amos Hemel Hempstead School
  Ms S. Shaylam Abbots Hill School
  Ms L. Spendiff RM School